Adding Emails to Apps
Adding web email to Windows 10 Mail App or Gmail Mobile
An email account, SSL and email DNS must be setup prior to doing this process. You can watch the setup process here

Windows 10 Mail App (Desktop)

Example email: [email protected]Example pass: Password01
Open your mail app and click on "Accounts" -> this will open up a side menu to add a new account.
Now select Other account - POP, IMAP or Advanced Setup. Enter the email/password that you made on the web panel.
You also might be greeted with another box such as this:
Now we can fill out the following information:
Email: <[email protected]> User Name: <email username> Password: <password for the email account> Account Name: <[email protected]> Message using this name: <pick a name> Incoming Email Server: Account type: IMAP4 Outgoing (SMTP) Email server: mail.<>:465:1

Gmail App (Web & Mobile)

Go to your settings page for your mobile app to add a "New Account" it select "Personal (iMAP)"
Incoming server:
Username: <[email protected]> Password: <email account password> Server:
Outgoing server settings:
Username: <[email protected]> Password: <email account password> SMTP Server: mail.<>
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