Game Panel Overview
The SoulNode Game Panel facilitates all of our shared hosting - excluding web - and is based off of the publicly available game management panel, Pterodactyl. Our additions, primarily targeted for Minecraft, includes subdomains, plugin installer, and server jar type installer.
You can view all available hosting packages here.


File Manager

You can easily modify your server files via the web-based file manager, you're also able to do the same with an FTP client and if you're using Windows, we highly recommend WinSCP.


You can easily utilise MySQL databases with your servers, simply provide a unique name, click create and you'll be given credentials you can use to connect to the newly created database.
Did you know? You can use PHPMyAdmin to view database content just like the web-based file manager. Simply click the little eye icon next to the database details in the databases tab.


You can easily create backups of your server files to then refer to later for either restoration, download or alteration purposes.

Sub Users

You can grant anyone access to either your whole server or certain aspects without having to share your own account details. Maybe you need someone to be able to just watch the console? or maybe you just want someone to be able to create backups from time to time?
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