Bot Setup
How to setup/install premade bots
Getting Started
Pop-up after "Add Bot"
Adding Permissions
  • Now we need to give the correct setup permissions for our bot.
  • Here, you can change the bot's profile picture and account name. Be sure to enable BOTH the "PRESENCE" and "SERVER MEMBERS" Privileged Gateway Intents. If you don't, the bot will not work properly. Be sure to SAVE after changing settings.
Inviting the Bot
  • Now we need to setup the bot permissions and invite it to our server.
  • Select the OAuth2 page select the bot scope and Administrator bot permission.
  • Then copy the link and paste it in your web browser invite the bot to your specific server.
Copy the link
Paste the link in web browser and invite it to your server
  • Then we need to go back to the Bot page and copy the token
Copy the bot token
  • Now we can add our bot token in our Startup page of our SoulNode Panel.
  • Paste the bot token that you copied in the text-field for Bot Token
  • You may now start or restart your bot to apply the changes you have made
Extra Security
  • Last but not least, we can secure our bot
  • Go back to the Bot page
  • Disable Public Bot and enable Requires OAuth2 Code Grant then save your changes
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